Sometimes referred to as split systems, multi-split systems, or split-ductless systems, ductless cooling and heating offers home and business owners a cost-effective way to replace inefficient window units, space heaters and electric baseboard heaters. They can be installed in home additions, new construction, condominiums and apartments, or to improve temperature control in specific rooms. Ductless systems can even be fit for buildings that currently use ducted forced-air systems.

Daikin® Ductless Mini-Split A/C Systems

Daikin® LV Seires.

Daikin’s split and multi-split type air conditioning systems offer superior performance, energy-efficiency, and comfort in stylish solutions conforming to all interior spaces and lifestyles. An extensive product lineup utilizes Daikin technology for lower costs and environmental impact.

Daikin LV Series Split Systems

Available in the LV Series:

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LV Series Outdoor Units: • RXSO9
• RXS15 24LVJU
LV Series Indoor Units: • FTXS09LVJU
LV Series Controller: • ARC452A

Daikin® SkyAir Series

Featuring an extensive range of models with high seasonal energy efficiency, SkyAir leads the light commercial market with solutions that offer design flexibility corresponding to any commercial setting.

Daikin SkyAir® Series Mini-Split Ductless Systems
SkyAir Series Outdoor Units: • SkyAir Outdoor (RZQ18 24 30PVJU) • SkyAir Outdoor (RXS30 36LVJU) • SkyAir Outdoor (RZQ36_42PVJU)
SkyAir Series Indoor Units: • SkyAir Indoor Wall Mt (FAQ18 24PVJU) • SkyAir Indoor Wall Mount (FTXS30 36LVJU) • SkyAir Indoor Wall Mount (FTXS50BVMB_R) • Indoor Wall Mount (FTXS25 50G2V1B) • SkyAir Indoor Ceiling (FHQ18 24 30 36 42PVJU) • SkyAir Indoor DC Duct (FBQ18 24 30 36 42PVJU) •SkyAir Indoor (FCQ PAVJU)
SkyAir Series Thermostats: • SkyAir Controller (ARC452) • SkyAir Controller (BRC94482) • SkyAir Controller (BRC1E71) • SkyAir Controller (BRC7812)

Dave and Scott were a great team. It was obvious that Dave was a Master in all aspects of the entire installation. Scott was never at a loss of what to do next. They are a great team. Your company should congratulate all concerned for a job well done. Please feel free to call on us for any references in the future.

- Morton L. H. - Gig Harbor, WA